Our Commitment to You

Neighborhood Family Practice partners with its patients. This ensures that the care you get is the right care for you. We will ensure that you understand and agree to the care you will receive. Working as partners will help you get the best results from your care.

We want patients and their families to understand their rights and responsibilities while in our care. This way, we believe that the care given by Neighborhood Family Practice will help each person reach their best level of health.

Your Rights

Every person should understand their treatment and should be able to make choices about their care. Each person has the right to:

  • Good care given by respectful people in a safe setting
  • Have access to all the treatments offered by the Practice
  • Have access to his or her own medical information
  • Have whatever help is needed so as to understand the medical information about their care in their own language
  • Be informed about treatments before they are given
  • Know the benefits and risks of treatment
  • Know all possible treatment options
  • Agree to or refuse any treatment
  • Be told about studies or projects that might help in their care
  • Ask for a second opinion at their own expense
  • Have all personal information kept confidential
  • Know the names of people who are caring for them and how they were trained
  • Have pain assessed and treated
  • Help in understanding the cost of care and how it might be paid
  • Receive care even if they cannot pay for it
  • Be free from abuse or harassment
  • Be free from the use of restraints used for control
  • Be free to raise concerns, complaints, or suggestions

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Provide the most complete information that you can about your health
  • Report changes in your health to your care providers
  • Always ask questions if you do not understand the information given about your illness and treatment
  • Keep appointments or call if you need to change an appointment
  • Pay for your care or help find ways to pay if you cannot
  • Follow the rules of the Practice
  • Treat all the staff with respect
  • Provide up-to-date addresses and phone numbers