Engagement with our neighbors…

has been at the heart of Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) since our founding in 1980. It started in the early days of helping our neighbors quit smoking and continues today with vaccinating our neighbors alongside community partners. The word “neighborhood” is in our name and it’s the essence of how we strive to be a good neighbor.

Here’s how we engage with and for our neighbors:

  • Advocate for our patients and the community.
  • Convene and engage in community partnerships and collaborations that improve health outcomes for our patients and the community.
  • Support the community in achieving health equity, eliminating disparities, and improving the wellbeing for all through education, programming and outreach.
  • Support our patients and the community by increasing access to care, coverage, and health and social services.
  • Listen, learn and lift the voice of our patients and the community we serve.

If you are interested in information about how to partner with our neighbors, please contact us below.