Davonna’s Story: NFP Lactation Consulting


"My first meeting with the lactation consultants at Neighborhood Family Practice was an accident. My second meeting was definitely planned. When I first had my baby, I didn't have the energy to breastfeed but I wanted to make sure she was getting enough food.

I pump every 2-3 hours and that takes a lot out of you physically and mentally. Lauren Lasko (NFP nurse and lactation consultant) taught me the right way to use my breast pump and answered all of my questions -- Now I have such a happy baby...

I've recommended NFP's services to my friends and family so they can be more independent and confident with breastfeeding and keeping their children healthy and happy!"

-Davonna Martin, Neighborhood Family Practice Patient


NFP's Dr. Heidi Gullett Receives 2019 Crain's Health Care Hero Award!


Neighborhood Family Practice is pleased to announce Dr. Heidi Gullett, a provider at the Ridge Community Health Center, has been recognized as a Crain’s Health Care Hero in public health. She will be honored along side other heroes dedicated to patient care and innovation at the Crain’s Health Care Summit on Aug. 29, 2019.

Dr. Gullett earned her bachelor’s degree from Denison University, her medical degree from Wright State University and a Master of Science in Public Health from Portland State University. She is board certified in both family and preventive medicine. Dr. Gullett has spent most of her career working in health centers that serve low income and vulnerable populations.

Congratulations on this amazing honor, Heidi!

To learn more and purchase tickets, see here.

Dental Health for Pregnant Mothers and New Mothers!


Pregnant Mothers

Many women believe that dental care and x-rays while pregnant are dangerous. Thankfully, this is not true!

In fact, the dental problems that may be caused or made worse by pregnancy can and should be treated before your baby is born. Benefits of proper and professional dental care during pregnancy include:

•Fewer bacteria present in the mouth following a professional cleaning and practicing good dental hygiene at home. High levels of bad bacteria in the mouth have been associated with premature delivery, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes

•Treating cavities during pregnancy prevents bacteria from potentially being passed to your baby’s mouth once they are born, which is a leading cause of childhood cavities and dental disease

•Preventing and/or treating pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors that may appear on your gums

Early Childhood (Mothers with kids 0-5)

Did you know that as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, they are susceptible to tooth decay? And did you know that maintaining healthy, cavity-free baby teeth is extremely important to your child’s overall health?


Just one cavity in your child’s mouth puts every other tooth at risk of developing cavities, and untreated cavities can harm a child’s permanent teeth.

Things to know about your child’s dental health:

•Extended bottle and sippy cup use not only continuously exposes a child’s teeth to cavity causing liquids (remember, ANYTHING besides plain water can cause cavities), but also affects the development of the teeth themselves. This can cause health problems that last a lifetime

•Early introduction of good brushing habits at home along with regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings helps your children understand the importance of good dental hygiene, and allows them to become familiar with professional dental care, resulting in more compliant and less fearful children

•Cavity causing bacteria is spread from parent to child through shared use of utensils and cups. Treating your own dental problems and practicing good home care dental hygiene keeps you and your child healthier while setting a while also setting a wonderful example

To schedule a dental appointment call (216) 281-0872 ext. 178 or learn more about our dental health services here.

Support NFP's New Health Center!

Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) is committed to combating the infant mortality crisis and reducing racial disparities between white and black babies in Cuyahoga County. With your help, NFP can continue to provide and implement additional evidence-based strategies to promote healthy birth outcomes.

We have experienced significant growth in terms of locations and services over the past several years. As we continue to grow and provide high quality primary care to patients living in the communities we serve, NFP is committed to promoting healthy birth outcomes with the opening of our new facility specializing in maternal and family health!

The vision for this new space will be an expansion of our existing services for women, children and families.
 The renovation will include twelve exam rooms, on-site laboratory, space for testing equipment, community room for CenteringPregnancy, and a children’s play area. The donations we receive will go towards buying new medical equipment such as exam tables, otoscopes, and blood pressure machines as well as furniture for the rooms to allow our patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

NFP is a leader for First Year Cleveland, a program funded by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Department of Medicaid to address infant mortality, premature births/low birth weight and the racial disparity between black and white babies. In this role, NFP helps other provider organizations establish CenteringPregnancy services and a doula/community health worker program to support their cause. 


If you would prefer to mail in your donation, you may send a check to: 

Neighborhood Family Practice
Attn: Development
4115 Bridge Ave., Suite 300
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Neighborhood Family Practice Implements Minimum Wage Increases

Cleveland, OhioFor many years, Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) has followed a wage/compensation philosophy that assures competitive pay practices with the external market.  To maintain external competitiveness, management reviews the wages for key positions at comparable organizations, both hospitals and other health centers, on a regular basis.

Recently, NFP leadership and board members including its finance committee discussed wage structure in response to recent market changes. They made the decision to raise staff minimum compensation with the goal of achieving a minimum wage for all staff of $15 per hour by July 2020.

Jean Polster, RN, MS, president and chief executive officer of Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP), announced the decision to NFP staff recently, stating “Our workforce is our most valuable resource, and it is all of you who make this organization a place we can all be proud to work.

Polster explained that existing pay rates in specific staffing levels of $12 per hour would immediately be increased to $14 per hour, with a second increase to $14.50 per hour in January 2020, and a third increase to $15 per hour in July 2020.


“Consistent with our practices when we give raises, those in the lower end of the range of the wage scale will receive the largest percentage increase to move the ranges in a way that assures internal fairness and equity,” says Polster. “These increases will have an upward effect on more than 75 NFP employees and reflect our dedication to our incredible team and everything they do to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our patients and our community.” 


About Neighborhood Family Practice

Founded in 1980 in response to a concern that residents of Cleveland’s near west side lacked access to primary health care, NFP focuses on providing high quality primary care in the patient’s neighborhood setting. Today, its six public transit friendly locations offer same day appointments to a service area that spans twelve neighborhoods across Cleveland’s west side and is comprised of a highly diverse mix of residents. Accredited by The Joint Commission and designated as a Primary Care Medical Home, Level 3, by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, Neighborhood Family Practice provides primary care, women’s health and midwifery services, behavioral health, dental and case management appointments to more than 19,000 patients at its combined locations. www.nfpmedcenter.org

NFP Ridge B Location opening in October 2019

Neighborhood Family Practice has experienced significant growth in terms of locations and services over the past several years. As we continue to grow and provide high quality primary care to patients living in the communities we serve, NFP is committed to promoting health birth outcomes with the opening of a new facility specializing in maternal and family health. Opening in October 2019!


The space will be an expansion of existing women’s health, wellness and primary care services, making it possible for women to receive comprehensive health care during all stages of life while also supporting the health care needs of their children and family.

This is our plan for healthy babies, healthy families and healthy communities!

Summer Recipe

2019 Vegetable Salad Recipe


1 regular cucumber, rinsed, sliced or cubed (with or without peel)

1 cup cherry or grape tomatoes, halved

1 red, yellow, orange or green pepper, corded, seeded and cubed

1 cup green beans, stems cut off, cut in half

1 cup green or red cabbage, thinly sliced

1-2 shredded carrots


Sliced scallions

Diced Avocado

Sliced almonds

Dried Cranberries



 2 tablespoons Rice Vinegar or Lime Juice

Dash salt and pepper

Dave’s Mercado Pharmacy to become Neighborhood Family Practice Pharmacy

Dave’s Supermarket, Inc. and Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) are pleased to announce that NFP has acquired the Dave’s Mercado Pharmacy (3565 Ridge Road, Cleveland) which will begin operating as Neighborhood Family Practice Pharmacy in early January 2019. The pharmacy will be expanded and remodeled and will provide increased benefits for NFP patients, Dave’s customers and the surrounding community including expanded hours and additional services.

Act Quick: 2019 Marketplace Health Insurance Enrollment is Open for 45 Days Neighborhood Family Practice offers free, in-person assistance

Thursday, November 1 marks the first day of the open enrollment period for Ohioans looking to enroll in or change their plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace) for coverage in 2019. Ohioans exploring affordable health insurance options can receive free assistance by making an appointment with a patient benefits specialist at Neighborhood Family Practice.

Neighborhood Family Practice Names Vice President of Health Center Operations

Jean Polster, RN, MS, president and chief executive officer of Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP), announced the appointment of Terrance (Terry) Byrne to the position of Vice President of Health Center Operations effective October 1, 2018. In his new role, Terry will be responsible for oversight of all activities at the NFP Ridge Community Health Center (3569 Ridge Road, Cleveland) and supervise the four other NFP community health center locations (Detroit Shoreway, Puritas, Tremont and W. 117th).

Neighborhood Family Practice and North Coast Health Plan to Unite to Increase Access to Primary Care on Cleveland’s West Side

The Board of Directors for Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) and the Board of Directors for North Coast Health (NCH) today announced their plan to enter into a strategic affiliation to increase access to quality primary care for low-income individuals and families living in Lakewood and the surrounding community.

As health navigators, students see value of team approach

Neighborhood Family Practice provider Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH, helped develop the Patient Navigator program at Case Western Reserve University, where medical students assist high-utilization patients she is also an assistant professor of family medicine and community health. In the program’s first year, 19 students devoted 375 work hours to helping newly arrived refugee families who were patients at the Neighborhood Family Practice.