Melanie Golembiewski, MD, MPHMake Health Screenings a Priority

According to a recent Forbes poll, nearly half of respondents cite fitness as their top priority for 2024. Exercise is definitely important for health- whether you are at a gym, your neighborhood, or your living room! A healthy lifestyle goes beyond extra walking and pushups, it also includes checking off your health screenings. Do you know what screenings should be prioritized and when? Neighborhood Family Practice Chief Medical Officer Dr. Melanie Golembiewski advises on the do’s and don’ts in health screening.


  • Talk with your medical provider about your risks and when your screening is due. We are here to help!
  • Plan ahead: Most screenings happen in the office, nearby hospitals and even some at home.
  • Make it a priority– early screening cand find issues before it makes you very sick.


  • Put it off. A yearly check in with your medical provider can ensure you stay on track.
  • Think “I’m ok it doesn’t run in my family”. Genetics plays a part- but not always the largest!
  • Make excuses – I’m healthy, I don’t feel sick” – screening finds it before symptoms start.

In meeting with your medical provider, you can discuss screening to make sure you are not showing early signs of health problems but also talk about prevention! Many times small changes can make big impacts on health- how long we live and how good we feel while living!