Becoming Our Patient

My Neighborhood Care…Care Centered Around You

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a concept that has grown in recent years in the primary care setting. The basis of the concept is that patients will work together with their provider, and medical care team, to ensure that the patient is accessing the highest quality care and receiving the care coordination that results in better health outcomes. “Effective care coordination can help reduce unnecessary repetition of diagnostics, and help reduce the number of emergency room visits in which a visit to the doctor’s office is more appropriate.” “There’s No Place Like a Medical Home”, Stokes, Spotlight on Quality, Spring 2010

Central to the Patient Centered Medical Home concept is an increased positive impact on patient’s health. Through several medical home pilot initiatives, NFP has seen the positive results that come about when patients are given the education and tools they need. This can help you reduce the times you might seek emergency room care and also make sure that you get all of your preventative care visits and immunizations. This is because you are healthier and have the knowledge and tools to maintain your health.

In 2012, NFP achieved Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition through the National Center for Quality Assurance.