Women's Health

Women's Health Services

We partner with you to deliver care in a respectful manner. NFP certified nurse midwives guide healthy decisions to improve your quality of living. Heart disease and stroke are the two most common health problems for women. Causes include factors like age, ethnicity and family history, along with high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes, and smoking. NFP nurse midwives, along with our family practice and behavioral health providers, work with you to address the factors you can control.

In addition to providing pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage care and working with you to improve your overall health, NFP nurse midwives also provide:

  • Services such as pelvic exams, PAP tests, breast exams and scheduling of routine mammograms

  • Family planning including birth control and emergency contraception

  • Treatment of other concerns like yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, irregular periods, PMS and sexual health

  • Menopause care

  • Support for women dealing with depression and partner/domestic violence

Free pregnancy tests are available. 

High quality midwifery care for women of all ages

Our nurse midwives provide you with complete care before, during and after your pregnancy, and:

  • Provide prenatal care in traditional, individual appointments or through the CenteringPregnancy® program 

  • Attend births at Fairview Hospital's birthing center, which offers a comfortable environment and features including birthing balls, water birthing tubs and nitrous oxide 

  • Specialize in low intervention births

  • Provide safe care, with excellent outcomes including lower rates of premature births, low birth weight babies, C-sections and episiotomies

  • Welcome your family's involvement in your care and birth process

  • See birth as a normal life event

  • Are experts in labor pain control, providing many natural ways to help with pain in addition to medications and epidurals

Neighborhood Family Practice offers the following services during your pregnancy and beyond:

  • Nurse advice line

  • 24 hour provider coverage

  • Breastfeeding support and consultation

  • Family planning and birth control services

  • All female providers

  • Small group or individual care

  • Same day and evening appointments

  • Online access to medical records

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Meet the Midwives

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About Certified Nurse Midwives

All NFP certified nurse midwives are university-trained experts in providing care for women, including normal pregnancy and birth. They are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board and the American College of Nurse Midwives, have completed further education in midwifery and other areas of healthcare, and are licensed in the state of Ohio. NFP nurse midwives work in partnership with OB/GYN or family practice physicians to make sure your care is coordinated and of the highest level. 

To learn more about nurse midwives in general, visit www.ourmomentoftruth.com

About CenteringPregnancy®:

  • Two-hour group appointments with a nurse midwife and a patient advocate

  • Individual physical exam appointments for patients with health concerns

  • Advance scheduling so you can plan for childcare, time away from work and transportation

  • Support person welcome to attend (due to privacy regulations, children are not able to attend these appointments)

  • No waiting in exam rooms or waiting rooms

  • Refreshments provided

Quotes from participants:

“It was awesome. We learned answers for questions that we never even thought of. It’s really nice to be around young couples going through the same things. Thank you for this class it calmed a lot of our fears and brought us closer as a couple.”
— Jessica and Marcus, first time parents.
“I never would have tried breastfeeding if it hadn’t been for Centering.”
— Michelle, 4th time mom who had never breastfed her other three boys.