Molly's Story

Molly Hileman became a patient of NFP in 1983. “I was having some health problems, and my job at the time didn’t provide health insurance. I had to pay for my first appointment at NFP, but the cost was reasonable. Tests showed that I was diabetic, so a plan was made to address that. And NFP helped me obtain health insurance,” says Molly.

And with the exception of a couple of weeks back in the 1990s when her sister talked her into trying her doctor, Molly’s been an NFP patient for 33 years!

Over the years, Molly has had her share of problems. Hospitalized at one point with pneumonia, she developed a staph infection. Any infection is a concern, but for those with diabetes, it’s worse. In Molly’s case, the infection spread quickly, leading to the removal of some of her toes, and eventually bone disintegration that resulted in the amputation of her lower left leg.

Molly is currently a patient of Katie Edwards, APRN-CNP, who she sees every three to six months for regular checkups, or more often if needed. She’s also sought the support of NFP behavioral medicine professionals from time to time when dealing with some of life’s challenges.

“I would recommend NFP to anyone. The providers take time to talk to you, and explain things very well. They want to know all you have going on, and what might be contributing to a current condition,” says Molly. “What I like most of all is you’re not walking into a place where you are a number. You’re walking into a place where they know you, they know your name.”

Molly with NFP certified nurse practitioner Katy Edwards.

Molly with NFP certified nurse practitioner Katy Edwards.