Meet our Midwives: Emily Sadri, CNM

Emily Sadri, CNM
A Neighborhood Family Practice Midwife


Why did you become a midwife?
Becoming a midwife didn't feel like a choice for me--it felt like something I was always meant to do, and one day I finally listened. I've always stood in awe of witnessing the act of becoming a mother. From pregnancy, to parenting an infant and a growing baby, women are changing and evolving as much as their children are. In labor, these changes are huge and dramatic, and women are pushed to their very edges as they cope and work to birth. Then as new mothers, women work in subtler, but still difficult ways to adapt themselves to their new role. These changes and struggles fascinate me, and it is an absolute gift to have the job of supporting women during these monumental times. 

What is your favorite thing about being a midwife at NFP?
NFP is an incredible place. I love working on this team because the organization gives the midwives so much support through our other team members, and in the way our practice works cooperatively with the family practice providers and behavioral health team. Knowing that there are so many resources for our patients makes it easier to do what I do best: provide excellent midwifery care that is compassionate, individualized, focused and empowering. 

What is your most memorable birth?
They're all so memorable! Truly, every single day I recall moments from births I've attended. I remember women's incredible strength, poise, and wisdom--those stay with me from every birth. But if I had to choose one, it would be the first birth that I attended as a birth assistant to a home birth practice in NYC. It was the first out of hospital birth I'd seen and I was blown away by what it looked like to see a woman laboring in her own space, not attached to wires and monitors. She was incredible, and she worked all through the night to birth her nine pound baby boy. I worked really hard to support her, and also to assist with clinical duties (I was an RN at the time). After the birth, the mom was in a daze of adrenaline and good birth hormones and she said to me, "I'm so proud of me. I'm so proud of me AND you!"  I'll never forget that moment. 

What is the one thing you want people to know about midwives?
Midwives aren't a lesser version of doctors. We each have an important, and slightly different role to play. We are experts in normal birth, and supporting the normal processes of labor- emotional, social and physical. We understand that a healthy pregnancy and birth isn't just about tests, screenings, or education. It's about how a woman is made to feel, and how she is empowered. We know the value of one-on-one care, and are really lucky in our practice to be able to sit continuously with women in labor. Our close attention to women is what makes our care special. 

When there are complications, midwives are well trained to consult and collaborate with our physician colleagues, and we are so grateful to work with wonderful back-up doctors! But for normal and straight forward pregnancy and birth, a midwife may be all you need. 

What is your favorite piece of advice for mommies-to-be?
Eat really well, and drink to prevent thirst, rather than treat it, especially in the weeks and days leading up to labor. The ideal conditions for going into labor are: well-hydrated, well-rested and well-nourished. If you were about to run a marathon would you go shopping all day, eat chips and drink just two bottles of water? No way! At the end of pregnancy, treat every day like it could be Labor Day. Take naps, cook wholesome food, spend quality time with the ones you love. This will prepare your body and heart for the life-changing event you are about to embark on.