Karen's Story

Karen Caraballo didn’t have a good experience when her son was born breech 10 years ago. When she became pregnant a couple of years ago, she was very concerned about the same thing happening again. 

A friend recommended the CenteringPregnancy® program at NFP, which brings together women with similar due dates and includes prenatal care that combines the medical appointment, education and support in a series of sessions.

“Every pregnancy is different, but I was worried about having a repeat of my first experience,” says Karen. “The group was made up of women of all ages and different races. We shared stories and concerns, and compared symptoms. The sessions helped me better understand what was taking place and made me much more comfortable.”

While in the program, Karen had a chance to meet and get acquainted with NFP’s certified nurse midwives, who provide complete care before, during and after pregnancy to participants. 

When it was time to deliver her second child, Karen had peace of mind, knowing her NFP midwife knew about her prior birth experience and her fears of another breech delivery. 

She had an amazing labor and delivery experience that resulted in a baby girl, and Karen and her husband thinking “we need to do this again – it was such a beautiful experience.”

And as luck would have it, they did. Karen recently gave birth to another baby girl after participating in a new Centering group at NFP. 

“I tell anyone I know who is pregnant they should go to NFP and get in the program. It’s amazing,” says Karen.


Karen (left in pink) attends CenteringPregnancy®

Karen (left in pink) attends CenteringPregnancy®