Jane's Story

Jane Gimbel and her husband Drew Crampton had a birth plan for their first child. Jane wanted a completely natural birth, assisted by a certified nurse midwife.

“I’ve been receiving primary care from Amy Ebbitt, APRN-CNP, a nurse practitioner at Detroit Shoreway Community Health Center,” Jane says. “I had heard wonderful things from Amy and several of my friends about the midwives at NFP, so when I got pregnant, I didn’t want to see anyone else. We never considered having an OB—we knew the model of care we wanted, and the NFP midwives provide it.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Jane became acquainted with several of NFP’s midwives, including Emily Sadri and Katy Maistros.

“I saw Jane for a lot of her prenatal visits. We developed a birth plan, which included Jane and Drew’s wish to have a non-medicated birth,” Emily says. “Over the course of a pregnancy, our patients have an opportunity to meet the various NFP midwives and build a relationship with us. When it’s time to deliver, our patients know us, and since we all provide care the same way, any one of us can step in, and our women can be assured that they’ll receive excellent, continuous midwifery care at their time of birth.”

Jane’s water broke at 10 p.m. on a Thursday. She labored for several hours at home, and then came to the hospital in the morning, where Katy provided her with continuous midwifery care. But by late Friday afternoon, despite their efforts, Jane’s labor was still not progressing, and the decision was made to start her on Pitocin, a medication that is administered intravenously to help stimulate contractions.

Emily took over midwifery duties on Friday evening, and according to Jane, had a “bag of tricks” including the use of essential oils, feeding her honey, coaching Drew to ensure he was as supportive as possible, and keeping the lights turned down low.

“I truly believe that had I been under the care of an obstetrician, I would have ended up having an epidural, and possibly a C-section as well, but because Katy and Emily knew how important a natural birth was to us, they did everything in their power to honor our wishes,” Jane said.

Once the Pitocin was administered, Jane’s labor progressed quickly, and on Saturday morning, baby Annie was born.

“This was my first baby, and I was terrified. I didn’t know what to expect. But having the NFP midwives there who we knew and trusted, and who knew what we wanted, was so important. I can’t say enough good things about them,” Jane says.

While recovering in the hospital, Jane received support from Kate Lawrence, another NFP midwife who is also a lactation consultant. And once the happy family went home from the hospital, they were relieved knowing the support of the NFP midwives was right nearby if needed.

Jane and Drew are now expecting their second child. And once again, they are counting on NFPs certified nurse midwives to be a major part of their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Jane Gimbel and baby Annie with certified nurse midwife, Emily Sadri.

Jane Gimbel and baby Annie with certified nurse midwife, Emily Sadri.

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