Dental Health for Pregnant Mothers and New Mothers!


Pregnant Mothers

Many women believe that dental care and x-rays while pregnant are dangerous. Thankfully, this is not true!

In fact, the dental problems that may be caused or made worse by pregnancy can and should be treated before your baby is born. Benefits of proper and professional dental care during pregnancy include:

•Fewer bacteria present in the mouth following a professional cleaning and practicing good dental hygiene at home. High levels of bad bacteria in the mouth have been associated with premature delivery, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes

•Treating cavities during pregnancy prevents bacteria from potentially being passed to your baby’s mouth once they are born, which is a leading cause of childhood cavities and dental disease

•Preventing and/or treating pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors that may appear on your gums

Early Childhood (Mothers with kids 0-5)

Did you know that as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, they are susceptible to tooth decay? And did you know that maintaining healthy, cavity-free baby teeth is extremely important to your child’s overall health?


Just one cavity in your child’s mouth puts every other tooth at risk of developing cavities, and untreated cavities can harm a child’s permanent teeth.

Things to know about your child’s dental health:

•Extended bottle and sippy cup use not only continuously exposes a child’s teeth to cavity causing liquids (remember, ANYTHING besides plain water can cause cavities), but also affects the development of the teeth themselves. This can cause health problems that last a lifetime

•Early introduction of good brushing habits at home along with regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings helps your children understand the importance of good dental hygiene, and allows them to become familiar with professional dental care, resulting in more compliant and less fearful children

•Cavity causing bacteria is spread from parent to child through shared use of utensils and cups. Treating your own dental problems and practicing good home care dental hygiene keeps you and your child healthier while setting a while also setting a wonderful example

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