Monthly Giving

Your gift reduces barriers to accessing high quality, affordable care

Improving your health is a lifelong journey especially when you’re living with complex medical issues. NFP treats patients living with chronic diseases like depression, heart disease and diabetes. Medical issues are compounded by social determinants such as unemployment and lack of access to healthy food and other issues like addiction, which often requires lifelong management and personalized care. Your monthly gift ensures that patients with these issues have access to comprehensive care over the course of their lives. 

  • Giving $10 a month provides a comprehensive evaluation session with a licensed therapist to a patient with mental health or substance use disorders.

  • Giving $20 a month covers 12 rides to and from appointments for a patient who cannot afford transportation.

  • Giving $30 a month supports health coaching and community health education programs like nutrition education and healthy cooking classes.

You can help. Patient stories.

Karen's story

Karen Caraballo didn’t have a good experience when her son was born 10 years ago. When she became pregnant a couple of years ago, she was very concerned about the same thing happening again. Then a friend recommended the CenteringPregnancy® program.

Carol's story

NFP’s integrated model of care helps patient deal with a life thrown off course by a car accident. In 2011, Carol Hadley’s life was full. She owned a thriving pizza restaurant, where she worked an average of 14 hours a day, seven days a week. Then everything changed.

Molly's story

Molly Hileman became a patient of NFP in 1983. Molly sees Katie Edwards, APRN-CNP, who she sees every three to six months for regular checkups, or more often if needed. She’s also sought the support of NFP behavioral medicine professionals from time to time.

Impact of Monthly Gifts:

  • Improved quality of living for patients living with chronic diseases

  • Better integration of physical and mental health care

  • Preventative programs keep patients out of the hospital

Setting up your monthly donation is a convenient way to support patients. Click here to join the monthly giving program!

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable account you can set up at an organization that has a DAF program. It allows donors to make a charitable contribution to the fund, receive an immediate tax benefit, and recommend grants from the fund to their favorite charities when they are ready to give.

Recommend a gift to Neighborhood Family Practice through your donor advised fund using DAF Direct. Simply select your DAF’s sponsoring organization from the drop-down menu and enter your gift amount. If your DAF’s organization is not listed, please contact them directly to recommend a donation.