Immigration Medical Exams

I-693 Civil Surgeon Exam Services

Individuals applying for immigration status change are required to submit an I-693 Medical Examination completed by a licensed civil surgeon.  Neighborhood Family Practice’s Dr. Erick Kauffman has been designated a civil surgeon by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and offers I-693 completion at our Ridge Road office. 

Certain blood tests and vaccinations are required by USCIS, including flu shots in flu season.  Please reference Because of the complexity of medical requirements please allow two weeks for processing after your appointment. Once you meet all USCIS requirements you will be notified that your paperwork is complete: one copy in a sealed envelope, one copy for your records. Your completed paperwork may be picked up in person or mailed. Do not open the sealed copy, opened forms will not be accepted by USCIS. 

Health insurance does not cover Civil Surgeon services as the I-693 is legally required rather than medically necessary. For specific health concerns you may be referred to an outside provider, for example a chest x-ray following a positive Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST). All referrals related to the immigration exam must be completed prior to completion of the I-693 paperwork and are not included in NFP’s cost.  

Call us today at 216-281-0872, ext 214 for pricing based on your individual medical requirements, questions, or to schedule an appointment. 

  What should you bring to your appointment?

  • Government issued photo ID 
  • Proof of any prior vaccinations 
  • Insurance card, for record

What services do we provided?

  • Civil Surgeon medical exam
  • Laboratory blood testing
  • Required vaccines
  • I-693 form completion