High quality, affordable care in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Family Practice provides you with easy access to the highest quality of affordable care right in your neighborhood. We partner with you and deliver care in a respectful manner, and guide healthy decisions to improve your quality of living.

Dental Health for Pregnant Mothers and New Mothers

Dental problems that may be caused or made worse by pregnancy can and should be treated before your baby is born. Did you know that maintaining healthy, cavity-free baby teeth is extremely important to your child’s overall health?

Support NFP’s New Health Center!

We are committed to combating the infant mortality crisis and reducing racial disparities between white and black babies in Cuyahoga County. With your help, NFP can continue to promote healthy birth outcomes through our health center specializing in maternal and family health!

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Neighborhood Family Practice es un centro de salud de la comunidad con 5 localidades en el lado Oeste de Cleveland. Nos esforzamos por ofrecer alta calidad y trato personal a la atención médica de la familia. 

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